Oil Free Air Compressor

The phrase “oil-free compressed air” is commonly used to refer to compressed air produced through oil-free air compressors. This type of compressor comprises centrifugal, oil-free rotary screws and reciprocating compressors with no lubrication. They are referred to as “oil-free” since they do not employ any lubricants in the chamber of compression.

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What Is A Oil Free Air Compressor

An oil-free air compressor is a type of compressor that is designed to produce compressed air without any traces of oil in the air stream. It is specifically engineered for applications where oil contamination can have detrimental effects on the end product, equipment, or processes.

Oil-free operation: Oil-free compressors utilize advanced technologies and design elements to eliminate the presence of oil in the compressed air.

Prevents contamination: Industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics, medical, and certain manufacturing processes require a high level of air purity to prevent contamination.

Compliance with standards: Oil-free air compressors are often used to meet specific industry standards and regulations, such as ISO 8573-1, which defines compressed air quality classes.

It’s important to note that oil-free air compressors may have higher initial purchase costs and operational expenses compared to lubricated compressors. However, for applications that demand oil-free compressed air, the benefits in terms of product quality, equipment protection, and compliance with industry standards often outweigh the associated costs.

If you have specific requirements or need further information about oil-free air compressors, feel free to provide more details, and I’ll be glad to assist you further.

Key Differences Between Oil and Oil-Free Air Compressors

Oil-Free air compressors and oil-flooded air ones work differently, so that you may require one over the other in your application. When comparing the two be sure to consider the distinct features of the different types of compressors. Even with all the above info it is possible that you need assistance in deciding which one is the best for your company.

Here are some additional features of compressors for air that will aid you in making the most informed decision:



The most significant difference is the presence or absence of oil in the compression process. Oil compressors use oil to lubricate and cool the moving parts, such as pistons and cylinders, reducing friction and extending their lifespan.



Oil compressors tend to be less expensive upfront compared to oil-free compressors. The design and construction of oil-free compressors involve more sophisticated materials and manufacturing processes, making them generally more expensive.



Oil compressors require regular maintenance to ensure proper lubrication and prevent oil contamination. This includes regular oil changes, filter replacements, and monitoring oil levels.

Air Quality

Air Quality

Oil compressors introduce a small amount of oil into the compressed air stream during the compression process. This oil can contaminate the compressed air, making it unsuitable for applications where clean, oil-free air is required.

Oil Free Air Compressor
Oil Free Air Compressor

Class 0 Oil-Free Air Solutions

Our air compressors that are oil-free come with a food-grade coating that will ensure that there is no metal debris produced within the system. Ducts are covered with plating to ensure that they are oil-free and clean air, as well as optimized clearances of the rotors to ensure constant airflow. ELGi’s oil-free compressors meet ISO8573-1 Class 1 air standards.

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Lower Cost of Ownership

Our oil-free technology improves your efficiency by removing the energy wasted in pressure drops. Our oil-free design allows for simple maintenance while reducing operating costs by providing easy access to vital air components.

Ownership of Distinctive Designs and Techniques

We are among the few compressor manufacturers that design and produce airends that are oil-free. Thanks to our own oil-free technology, our compressors are designed to give the highest level of uptime and reliability. Our unique eV Rotor design maximizes the compressed air system by cutting down on pressure loss and enhancing efficiency at the stage.

Oil Free Air Compressor

What Is the Longest a Non-oil Compressor Last?

A typical oil-free compressor isn’t likely to last the same amount of time as an oil-lubricated model since its pre-lubrication wears out and becomes degraded as time passes. Compressors with no oil generally utilize general-purpose motors, which do not last as long as induction models.

The Teflon coating that is used to lubricate the inside of the part of the cylinder wears down over time and the wear can be increased when oil-free compressors are utilized at extreme temperatures or for prolonged durations of time. If you’re observant you can expect years of use from an oil-free compressor, however, it’ll take longer and cost (usually) as compared to an oil-lubricated air compressor.

Maintaining your compressor properly is your most reliable friend in order to prolong the lifespan of your compressor that is oil-free. Air compressors comprise a large number of moving parts that could cause significant wear and tear. Therefore, make sure to check the inside of your compressor at least once every month. Make sure to check for permanently lubricated parts like the Teflon coating of cylinders, and Teflon or carbon sealing rings.

Oil Free Air Compressor for Sale

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Reliable Oil-free Compressor

Our oil-free compressors are reliable and compact, ensuring ease of use and maintenance. Pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics, and textiles are just a few of the industries that operate with oil-free air. Our oil-free compressors are certified to ISO 8573-1, where class zero represents the best possible air quality.

Do I Need Oil-Free Compressed Air?

Determining whether you need oil-free compressed air depends on your specific requirements and applications. Oil-free compressed air is typically recommended in industries or applications where the presence of even tiny traces of oil can cause contamination or damage sensitive products, processes, or equipment. This includes industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics, and medical sectors.

If your application requires adherence to strict quality standards, such as ISO 8573-1, which specifies compressed air quality classes and limits for oil content, then oil-free compressed air may be necessary to meet those standards. 

It’s important to note that oil-free compressors typically have a higher initial purchase cost and operational expenses compared to lubricated compressors. However, if your application necessitates oil-free air, it is crucial to ensure the integrity and quality of your processes or products.

To make an informed decision, we recommend discussing your specific requirements and industry standards with our experts or conducting a thorough assessment of your application. This will help determine if oil-free compressed air is necessary for your specific needs or if alternative measures, such as filtration and treatment, can effectively address your oil-related concerns. We are here to provide you with the information and guidance you need to make the best decision for your compressed air system. Please feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.

Air Compressor Service Technical

Industries such as pharmaceuticals electronics, food and beverage, and textiles are not able to tolerate any risk of contamination by oil in their processes. So, for compressed air applications in these sectors technologies that can eliminate contamination risks is essential.

Our team’s oil-free compressor combines the advantages of variable speed and water injection technology. These compressors allow the user to adjust the quantity and quality of compressed air. They provide an air of the highest purity, which is an advantage in saving energy costs.

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