Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressor

Pure Air Is Certified to Meet the Highest Quality Standards

The air compressors that are oil-free do not contain oil in the compressor. The models are ISO 8573-1 Class Zero (2010) certified and have silicone-free components.


Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressor

This design is distinctive and permits low operating speeds as well as lower temperatures. both lead to greater effectiveness and lower wear of the components. Utilize a single-stage direct-drive motor that doesn’t have gears or belts to improve efficiency. Limiting compressed air to only the requirements of the application in a controlled manner will ensure that there isn’t any waste of energy.

DH compressors come with substantially fewer moving components than comparable compressors. This implies that there is less chance for errors, and the less load and rates that are placed on balanced bearings extend the life of the component, and allow it to guarantee low-cost operation.

The compression of near isothermal may be accomplished in operating temperatures lower than 60 ° Celsius. This removes the need for an internal aftercooler and decreases voltage drop and power loss.

Injecting Silicone-free, Water and Oil-free Air

Industries such as Electronics Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food, and beverages rely on compressed air, which is free of oil as an uncontaminated, safe source of energy that can power the production line. Sometimes the air is directly in proximity to the product being made so it is essential that the quality that the air has is preserved all day long. This can be accomplished by using the DH Series. You can see this DH Series in the video below. Select the Design tab to watch the video. The DH Series comprises the following features:

  • Direct-driven compression, which is one-stage in nature, which increases efficiency and decreases the requirement for regular maintenance.
  • The water injection that’s of the finest quality assists in cooling, lubricating, and sealing during compression, increasing the effectiveness
  • A gearbox with no gearbox doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for oil to make it lubricated.
  • bearing loads which are small and slow means sealed-for-life bearings can be used without oil-lubrication
  • Technology that regulates speed, can reduce the price of energy
  • Controls that are thorough assure a continuous and secure operation. It has remote communication capabilities.
  • A fully sealed and quiet enclosure reduces the sound and eases installation.