Oil Free Screw Compressors

100% Silicone and Oil-free for Critical Clean Air Applications.

The PureAir series is the team’s very first free-of-oil PureAir screw compressor that features an innovative design. This is a new range of compressors that use high-pressure as well as low-pressure Dry screw compressors. Each host is controlled by an internal adjustable rate permanent magnet synchronous device that is more efficient than the conventional oil-free technology.

Our team is constantly improving the most efficient products available and making the products more effective and innovative.


Benefits Oil Free Screw Compressors

Since the biggest expense in the lifetime of a compressor’s life is the energy needed for its operation The unique model of the series allows us to combine the most efficient efficiency and performance with the highest efficiency. The footprint is just 37% smaller than the standard two-stage. The oil compressor. This allows it to be installed in the smallest footprint possible. It is not only a result of the limited space available, it also helps reduce the expense of real property.

The series is constructed using an advanced “digital gearbox” which continuously monitors and adjusts the speed of each primary engine, to ensure the highest efficiency and the best pressure ratio. If a compressor that is speed-regulated is running at its maximum speed and in the midst to idle, it’s a waste of energy. If a compressor is in idle mode, is an energy loss. It is consuming about 45 percent less power idle when compared to standard two-stage compressors. The 160kW model uses only 8kW of idle.

It also functions as a tool to carry out UConn remote monitoring. iConn is a cutting-edge, proactive, intelligent monitoring system that is proactive and provides our customers who use compressed air with a complete and up-to-date understanding of their equipment. It enables precise production planning and full security by providing data and statistics that inform the user about the efficiency of their equipment while alerting them to any issues that could be present prior to them causing problems.
It’s small and easy maintenance. It’s powerful and is far beyond the expectations set by the market.

* 100 100% silicone and oil-free – the best air quality.
 The most efficient operating costs are comparatively low.
• Low-Noise Design Point for installation
* LP * HP, along with HP mainframes are driven independently. energy efficient across each flow level highly efficient heat recovery, it is the most efficient machine
The installation is simple and requires no plumbing
• Monitoring vehicles very user-friendly

Unique Drive Design

Traditional compressors with no oil are powered by an electric motor that is connected to the gearbox, which regulates the high and low-pressure mainframes. Gearboxes require oil in order to cause friction, which leads to energy loss.
The range is constructed with the use of a sophisticated “digital gearbox” which continuously manages and independently adjusts the speed of each main engine, ensuring that they get the best effectiveness and ratio of pressure in all situations.
When any compressor is equipped with the ability to control its speed, when exceeds its speed limit, the compressor goes idle. In the case of any compressor, it results in energy loss. The model uses only 45 percent of the energy while in idle compared to conventional two-stage compressors. The 160kW model uses only 8kW during idle.